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Mechanical seals for reactors and mixers


The sealing module can be composed of mechanical seals of different types, joined with one or several blocks, mentioned above.  


Shaft diameter, mm 25...300
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 10…1500
Temperature of sealed medium, °C -60…400
Pressure of sealed medium, MPa up to 10

Double mechanical seal for mixers

  • Leakage of sealed fluid into atmosphere is completely excluded.
  • Parts, contacting medium sealed are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Friction pair materials used are siliconized graphite, silicon carbide. 
  • The following elastomeric materials are used: materials on the base of fluorine rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber and perfluorinated rubber.  
  • Mechanical seal can be removed without depressuriza-tion of equipment. 
  • Mechanical seal parts protected against corrosive and aggressive working mediums. 
  • Mechanical seal design provides for operational reliability at high temperature and pressure. 
  • Cartridge seal design makes it easy to install. 
  • All seal types for same shaft diameter have completely replaceable components: friction pairs, ring holders, O-rings, springs, force averting devices,  drive collars, intake and withdrawal connecting pipes for buffer and cooling fluids.Double mechanical seal with fluoroplastic bellow
  •  Bearing block, rigidly connected with the seal, receives significant radial and partly axial loads of the shaft, that allows to apply them on long, flexible, single-shaft machine shafts.     
  • The refrigeration block allows to apply the seal at the temperature of operation environment up to +400°С, providing the necessary temperature at the location of the sealing.  
  • The block of protection from the influence of adhesion and crystallization properties is filled with the liquid compatible with the operation environment neutralizing its adhesion and crystallization properties. 
  • Parking seal block prevents the operation environment from escaping into the atmosphere in  case of malfunction of the seal. It allows to replace the mechanical seal without the depressurization of the equipment. The block of protection has an autonomous fastening to the boss of the device and functions at the stopped shaft not depending from the mechanical seal.   
  • Fluoroplastic bellows  of original design protects metal components of the seal, that interact with the operation environment.   Double mechanical seal with bearing unit
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