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APPLIANCE Double mechanical seals ANOD

Applied in pump units and equipment where sealed fluids are oil products, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, liquids with harmful chemical agents.
The seals of the second variant of construction are more effective at the operation in the environments, prone to crystallization and polymerization, with a high content of abrasive substances as well as in high-viscosity products. 


  • Leakage of sealed fluid into atmosphere is completely excluded. 
  • First (circuit) friction pair operates at barrier fluid and sealed fluid pressure drop. Second, atmospheric one, - at barrier fluid and air pressure difference. 
  • Barrier fluid pressure is 0,1 - 0,3 MPa greater than sealed fluid pressure. 
  • Mechanical seal retains its operability in case barrier fluid pressure is lower than this one of the medium sealed. 
  • The barrier fluidid can be given as from the outer side of the pair of friction (variant 1) as from the inner part (variant 2).
  • Pumping is performed according to API682: Plan53 or Plan54.


Shaft diameter, mm 22..260
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 30…4500
Temperature of sealed medium, °C -60…200
Pressure of sealed medium, MPa up to 10
Maximum leakage, l/h 0,002

Pressure of sealed medium, MPa (for 2 Variant)
not more 1,6

Double mechanical seals scheme

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