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Sliding bearings


Technical parameters

Slip speed, m/s up to 100
Axial load, kg up to 40 000
Specific load, kgs/sm2 up to 50
Shaft diameter, mm from 50 to 300


  • High load – bearing capacity.
  • Reliability of the construction.
  • High technical production.
  • Monoblock design.
  • Increased overhaul mileage.
  • Operation environment: any liquid  

AXIAL SLIP BEARINGS Axial slip bearings

The design of the bearing units is based on the principle of maintaining a plane-parallel contact, which is insured by the mobility of the working segment due to the elastic deformation of the segment monoblock.  
The design of the monoblock is free from the multi-link mechanism of traditional designs, and as a result, from high contact stresses, constant friction and wear.   
The bearing has high reliability and guaranteed service life.  


The design allows to solve the problem of use bearing elements from materials with different physical and mechanical properties – structural steels and ceramics, graphite materials.  
The bearing maintains a constant gap in the pair of friction in all operating modes.   
The rotating part of the bearing is mounted on the shaft without clearance. 
Friction elements are produced from wear-resistant materials in various combinations. 

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